• He will preside over General Body Meeting and at all the executive committee meetings
  • His tenure will be for 1 year

President Elect:
  • The President elect will perform all duties of the President in the absence of the latter or at his request
  • He will become President in the next year
  • His tenure will also be for 1 year

Hon. Secretary:
  • Secretary will run the day to day affairs of the Association in consultation with the President and Council members
  • The tenure of the Hon. Secretary is for two years
  • Must be conversant with constitution bye laws of KUA.
  • He shall be responsible for giving KUA ID to all the new members who register online in All the members’ details including mobile number, email ID, address, year of passing urology degree (full member), KMC number, passport size photograph are in Individual members will have login ID and password in the “Registered member login” area and the secretary will have the admin access
  • He shall be responsible for sending updates to the members about programmes held under KUA including newsletter by email and also through KUA telegram group
  • He shall have the right to schedule the scientific programme of the KUA in consultation with the council
  • He in consultation with the President will decide regarding the Chairpersons and the judges for the various sessions
  • The scientific abstracts have to be processed by the Secretary KUA
  • He shall be responsible for the maintenance of the website including updation
  • He shall maintain the records of the Association
  • He shall maintain the minutes of the council and the General body meeting
  • He shall should inform the Registrar of Societies regarding any amendments made to the constitution
  • Secretary should be one of the signatories for the KUA bank account
  • Handing over to the next Hon. Secretary must include all the steps in handling the KUA admin login, and KUA telegram app

  • Need to use KUA treasurer email and KUA treasurer phone number for managing the KUA accounts.
  • Shall maintain the income tax records and get the renewal from the tax authorities every year
  • He shall maintain the accounts of the Association and present the updates during every council meeting and GBM.
  • He shall operate the accounts as a signatory along with the Secretary in a joint account.
  • He shall be Maker for Online NEFT transactions and Secretary will be the Approver.
  • He is also responsible for GST filing which needs to be done monthly in co-ordination with KUA Chartered accountant.
  • The KUA account has to be in a Nationalized bank. It is at present (since 2019) in Canara bank, Vijaya Nagar, Bangalore
  • The tenure of the treasurer will be for two years or as determined by the constitution in force at that point of time
  • He shall prepare and submit audited statement of accounts to the General body
  • He shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the statutory requirements and income tax act in the discharge of the financial responsibilities of the society
  • The treasurer has to inform the council regarding the investments to be made and renew any fixed deposits which are already existing
  • All the investments have to be in Nationalised Banks
  • He shall be responsible for disbursal of amounts towards expenditure incurred for the association activities in consultation with Secretary and President KUA
  • He shall be custodian of passbook, receipt book, cheque books, IT returns for the duration of the tenure

Council members:
  • They shall attend all the executive council meetings, GBM at the annual KUACON and all KUA programmes
  • They will assist the secretary if any work is given to them
  • Each member shall conduct one council member activity every year and shall submit report of the council activity after the program to Hon. secretary, to update on website.

Executive committee:
  • Meet at the call of the President. Five members will constitute a quorum
  • Constitute the executive authority of the society in all matters scientific, business and financial
  • Be responsible for arrangement for the business and scientific parts of the Annual General Meeting
  • Have the powers to appoint any Sub-committee for any specific purpose of any aspect of the functioning of the Society. Such committees will be responsible to the Council. The reports of such committees will be incorporated in the reports of the Council and submitted by the Council at the General Body Meeting
  • Have powers to invest money of the Society with due regard for existing laws