Davangere PG Symposium

Year 2021

Moderator : Dr Nandakishore Bhat

Title : Urinary tract infection in special cases

Winner : Priyabrata Adhikari

Title : Urinary tract infection in elderly diabetics

Institution & Place : JNMC,Belagavi

Participant2 : Dr Vinod Babu

Title : Urinary tract infection in Pregnancy

Institution & Place : INU, Bengaluru.

Participant3 : Dr Sumanth Bille

Title : Urinary tract infection in patients within 1 month of Renal Transplant

Institution & Place : INU, Bengaluru

Participant4 : Dr Anshuman Singh

Title : Urinary tract infection in patient’s on indwelling urinary catheter or urinary stents

Institution & Place : KMC, Manipal

Year 2020

Moderator : Dr. Rajeev Thekke Puthalath

Title : From Knife to Pill: A Paradigm Shift in Uro-oncology?

Winner : Dr. Suraj J

Title : Chemotherapy in advanced TCC: emerging trends.

Institution & Place : KMC Manipal

Participant2 : Dr. Prashant Kumar Chauhan

Title : Targeted therapy in RCC: current status.

Institution & Place : INU, Bengaluru

Participant3 : Dr. Priyabrata Adhikari

Title : Sequential management of HRPC: recent advances.

Institution & Place : JNMC, Belgaum

Participant4 : Dr. Kamal Sachdeva,

Title : Novel biomarkers & molecular targets in urological malignancies: an update.

Institution & Place : NU Hospitals, Bengaluru

Year 2019

Moderator : Dr. Nagbhushana M

Title : Prostate cancer current controversies and management update

Winner : Dr. Akshay Mahesh Kriplani

Title : Updates on management of locally advanced non metastatic cancer.

Institution & Place : KMC, Maanipal

Participant2 : Dr. Varun Ladda,

Title : Updates on current strategies for screening and diagnosis of prostatic cancer.

Institution & Place : KMC, Manipal

Participant3 : Dr. Pavan Arun Joshi

Title : Current Controversies and Management of Biochemical Failure in Prostate Cancer

Institution & Place : INU, Bangalore

Participant4 : Dr. Shalabh Agarwal

Title : Current Progress and Controversies in Management of metastatic prostate cancer

Institution & Place : KMC, Mangaluru

Year 2018

Moderator : Dr. Maneesh Sinha

Title : Landmark papers which affected practise in Urology

Winner : Dr. Girish HM

Title : TAURUS trial and Mirabegron use

Institution & Place : Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru

Participant2 : Dr. Rony Jacob

Title : CHEKMATE trial in RCC

Institution & Place : Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru

Participant3 : Dr. Nandish Rotti

Title : Studies which outlined the natural history of BPH

Institution & Place : NU Hospitals, Bengaluru

Participant4 : Dr. Chirag Doshi

Title : Reconciling the results of the ESRPC and PLCO trials

Institution & Place : JSS Medical College, Mysuru

Year 2017

Moderator : Dr Siddalingeshwara Neeli

Title : Carcinima Prostate - Emerging Trends

Winner : Dr. Preetham Dev

Title : Contemporary role of prebiopsy MRI for detection of Carcinoma Prostate

Institution & Place : JSS Medical College, Mysore

Participant2 : Dr. Avinash R.O

Title : Serum biomarkers for cancer prostate screening - where do we stand today?

Institution & Place : Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

Participant3 : Dr. Vinod Kumar

Title : The latest treatment paradigm for Hormone Sensitive Metastatic CA Prostate

Institution & Place : NU Hospitals, Bangalore

Participant4 : Dr. Vijayanand

Title : Novel uses of radionuclides in management of Ca Prostate - Promises and pitfalls

Institution & Place : AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangaluru