Manipal Best Published Paper

Year 2022

Winner : Dr Sanman K N

Title & Journal details : Prostate Disease Severity Score: In the management of benign enlargement of prostate

Institution & Place : Kasturba Medical College, Light house Hill road, Hampankatta, Mangalore Karnataka

Winner : Dr Pramod Adiga

Title & Journal details: Is percutaneous nephrolithotomy safe in chronic kidney disease patients!!!

Institution & Place : Department of Urology, Institute of Nephrourology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Year 2021

Winner : Dr. Manohar CS

Title & Journal details : A comparative study of minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy and retrograde intrarenal surgery for solitary renal stone of 1–2 cm

Institution & Place : INU, Bangalore

Year 2020

Winner : Dr. Arun Chawla

Title & Journal details : Super-mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) vs standard PCNL for the management of renal calculi of <2 cm: a randomised controlled study.

Institution & Place : KMC Manipal

Year 2019

Winner : Dr. Pramod Krishnappa

Title & Journal details : Penile Traction therapy with the new device penimaster Pro is effective and safe in the stable phase of peyronies disease. A multricentric study. BJUI October 2018

Institution & Place : NU Hospitals, Bangalore

Year 2018

Winner : Dr. Gajanan Shripad Bhat

Title & Journal details : New Tools to Measure Ejaculatory Latency—Arousal to Ejaculation Time Interval and Erection to Ejaculation Time Interval: A Pilot Study. UROLOGY 2018:115; 107-111

Institution & Place : TSS Shripad Hegde Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences, Sirsi

Year 2017

Winner : Dr Manohar C S

Title & Journal details : Safety and Efficacy of Tamsulosin, Alfuzosin or Silodosin as Monotherapy for LUTS in BPH – a Double-Blind Randomized Trial CMS Manohar et al. Cent European J Urol 70 (2), 148-153. 2017 Jun 07

Institution & Place : Institute of NephroUrology, Bengaluru