BMC Best Poster

Year 2022

Winner : Dr Prashanth Kumar Chauhan

Title : Neoadjuvant immunotherapy with conventional surgery: multidisciplinary approach to a case of rcc with right atrial tumour thrombus

Institution & Place : Institute of Nephrourology Mysore Branch Mysore

Year 2021

Winner : Dr. Lohith Dasarapu

Title : A Near Miss Catastrophe - Aortic dissection in a Renal Transplant Recipient.

Institution & Place : NH Hospital, Bengaluru

Year 2020

Winner : Dr Abhilash Gautham Ramesh

Title : A rare case of desmoid tumour with bladder invasion.

Institution & Place : JSS, Mysore

Year 2019

Winner : Dr. Vishruth K Raj

Title : Medical Mystery: The Case of the Nemesis in Disguise

Institution & Place : Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation, Bengaluru

Year 2018

Winner : Dr. Muralidhar V Achar

Title : Bilateral adrenal and inter-aortocaval mass lesion in a hypertensive young adult - a case report

Institution & Place : Narayana Health, Bangalore

Year 2017

Winner : Dr Narendra J B

Title : A curious case of traumatic penile inversion - A rare case report

Institution & Place : K R Hospital, Mysore